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Yucca and more seeds for sell and English Ivy Idea

To buy Yucca seeds, you may purchase for $1.00 per seed at my address listed below at the mailbox when I am there or am not there if seed(s) is still available in the little yellow container. I have planted some from the fruit I picked, I found it listed in a Native American book; it inhibits something very common to Americans according to the internet. Just leave $1.00 in the mailbox (call first if so because I think the seed fell and then I just planted it beside the mailbox). Or contact me to purchase yucca seed. 

(Disclosure: I do not guarantee the Yucca seed ability to grow). Seasonal vegetables seeds that I purchased may also be available there at a discount.

<> If you turn off your air conditioning and keep the windows carefully vented with screens, and worry about potential mold spores, growing English Ivy (non-edible) according to various internet sources should reduce/stop mold spores which may depend on the amount of ivy in relation to open air space and also cools surface temperature during summer days. If you want to keep the windows closed then probably 10,000 leaves per person indoors, latter fact according to gizmo something online.


About Me

I am pictured in a couple business-type books (including Of Permanent Value 2005/06 versions and First A Dream, New Edition). Am also in a couple newspapers, and in Fast Company Magazine regarding the Berkshire Hathaway acquisition of TN-based Clayton Homes.


Conserve titanium for eventual space

Titanium is an important commodity that should be mined, and stored for space travel in billions of years in my point of view, because the "...bright..." (The Bible, Revelations) sun has a "...total lifetime of about 9.5 billion years..." ("Exoplanets" by Summers and Trefoil p. 118). Comets are supposedly "...4.5 billion..." years old according to "Fire of Life," (Smithsonian Exposition Books).  Don't waste titanium, some government space agency or private space company might need some eventually for asteroid defense (I took Astronomy one class in college).

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Avoid Cavities By Getting Adequate Light (preferably from the sun currently)

   Cavity prevention may be partly accomplished with a  "...normal diet and supplemented with vitamin D...had improvements in cavities and less form." according to an observation of Dr. Axe of a "British Medical Journal" study. He adds "Spending time in the sun, without sunscreen..." provides "enough vitamin D...." The amount you need varies by geography adjusted by geography on the UV Index, which was developed in 1992, according to Wikipedia.org. Just enter in your geography on Google and enter "and UV index" and then check that against Premier Dermatology's burn time estimates to determine how much time you should spend in the sun (un"cover"ed) (I think cover is in The Bible) where you are located before burning. I suggest getting 20 minutes of sun daily based on "The Making of the Mind" by Kellogg, but online sources say several times per week. When you look up your UV Index certain times of day have higher and lower UV numbers, so get the 20 minutes within the UV Index time slot probably best below 6 on the UV Index. 

  Premier Dermatology recommends that burn times (depending on skin factors) are: UV Index 0-2 (60 minutes), 3-5 (30-45 min.), 6-7 (15-25), 8-10 (within 15 min.), and 11 plus (<10 min.). So once you get your Index factor please folks, get the right amount of vitamin D from the sun to avoid cavities. Also, according to Axe, stating ADA, "[Tooth decay] occurs when...(sugars and starches)...are frequently left on the teeth."

Am working on my address below some days. 

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